about earthwild

a vision for life...

Safeguarding our natural world, the conservation of our global biodiversity and climate-change mitigation are at the heart of earthwild's philosophy, vision and mission.

It's 'A Vision For Life'. A long-term investment to ensure earthwild partnership's brand is designed, evolves and grows through the delivery of solutions beneficial to a greener, wilder earth — as highlighted within our CSR, environmental and sustainability strategy.

earthwild's CSR, environmental and sustainability strategy is being developed and will be available by end - April 2021.
earthwild partnership is an innovative, creative communications, sustainability and management consultancy designed to :
'Create investments in nature to deliver solutions which benefit our natural world through helping organisations grow'.

'Brand earthwild' is the creation of its two directors, Sibel & Gary.

It has evolved from an original earthwild concept, founded in April 2018. earthwild partnership became a limited company on the 18th September 2020, eight and a half months after its co-directors designed 'Brand earthwild' and agreed to work in partnership on this exciting, innovative business enterprise and vision.

In addition to our core values, earthwild partnership endorses the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

our directors...

Sibel Lami: Co-Executive Director
With a passionate interest in CSR strategy, green supply chains, environmental and sustainability issues within the international corporate sector — Sibel is the Co-Executive, Financial & Sustainability Director of earthwild partnership ltd and its consultancy divisions. Sibel provides the lead for earthwild's strategic development; financial, CSR, supply chain and sustainability strategy management; brand development and client relationship management.

It was whilst researching and writing her thesis: 'Global good practices, adherence and promoting good business ethics: the case of Marks & Spencer', for her degree, that Sibel accepted the exciting invitation to design, manage and grow 'Brand earthwild', and its consultancies, in partnership with Gary. Co-ownership of earthwild enables the continued development of her entrepreneurial nature; leadership and management opportunities.

Sibel manages the account for a key client, Petit Miracle Interiors. She has 'cut her teeth' developing her grants fundraising experience through Evolve Fundraising. Over a 9-months period, during 2020, this has delivered £144,000.

Currently studying for an MA in Procurement & Supply Chain Management at Robert Gordon University (RGU), Aberdeen — in June 2020, Sibel was awarded a 2:1 Honours Degree in International Business Management from the RGU Business School. Originally from Bulgaria and fluent in her native language, as well as English and with an excellent working knowledge of German and Turkish — her interest in languages is an asset for a Europe focused communications sustainability and management consultancy.

To relax, she enjoys being in the mountains, forests and coasts, and in 2021 will learn how to surf.

Gary Roberts: Co-Executive Director
An innovative, creative and successful ceo, consultant, director and manager. Who, through ‘quiet leadership’, has developed over 35-years comprehensive communications, external relations, income growth; partnership, board, charity, consultancy and conservation management experience. Experience which has benefitted rewilding, new woodland creation, ancient rainforests conservation, climate-change mitigation, protection of endangered biodiversity and habitat projects. With a passionate interest in our natural world, environmental, international and third sector issues – Gary is earthwild's Co-Executive, Communications & Income Generation Director.

Gary has helped a diversity of predominantly smaller organisations to grow, develop their sustainability, raise their profile, communicate their vision, increase income and deliver change. This involves strategic management; planning, design and negotiations for projects, campaigns and partnerships to ensure success. He enjoys engaging with stakeholders, building relationships with donors, funders, volunteers; leading, managing and motivating teams, and working with boards.

An effective communicator and creative, published writer / author – he's written copy for appeals, fundraising proposals, CSR plans, media and marketing campaigns, and for Joao Nunes da Silva's Portuguese nature books. For over 27-years, Gary & Joao have collaborated on numerous projects and since 1993 he has enjoyed significant times working, living in and exploring this spectacular country. This has enabled him to learn a little Portuguese.

Effective communications and marketing are vitally-important to deliver fundraising successes. With an interest in how philanthropy benefits good causes – Gary has delivered £9.5 Million through design of business income, financial and fundraising management plans, membership recruitment, supporter / regular-giver development, donor engagement, exploring new business and partnership opportunities and securing up to seven-figure gifts.

Having begun his career restoring and ‘rewilding’ a working chalk quarry to a nature reserve, throughout 2020 Gary was CEO of an ecology charity and social enterprise in East Scotland. He is Treasurer for People Need Nature.

our associates...

Joao Nunes da Silva: Director; Ilustranatur
A nature photographer and journalist whose career began in 1991. From an early age he has enjoyed nature and for many years he has been involved in nature conservation in Portugal. He started as an ornithologist and his interest in nature photography began to develop during this time. He has photographed and published numerous stories, both in the national and foreign press. He has published four books on Portuguese nature, as well as produced photographic exhibitions on the same theme. Several of his photographs have been honoured with awards. Joao also likes to photograph heritage.

Parallel to his activity as a photojournalist he created the Ilustranatur photo bank, specialising in Portuguese nature photography. He has provided numerous images for advertising, universities, companies and councils. Some of his photographs have been used in countries such as England, Spain, France and the USA.

He has produced several photographic surveys on the natural and historical heritage for organisations such as Aguas de Portugal, Regiao de Turismo de Aveiro, APCOR-Portuguese Cork Association, Lisbon City Hall, Herdade da Comporta and Diocesan Museum of Santarem, etc. Abroad, he has worked with the European Forum on Nature Conservation & Pastoralism, RSPB & Society for Caribbean Ornithology, UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, and Archmain. He is undertaking an extensive photographic survey on natural, historical and landscape heritage involving eleven municipalities in northern Portugal.

He has made presentations at Portuguese nature festivals (Cinclus, Imaginature, Ambiente Imagens Dispersas, and FIIN-Festival Internacional de Imagem de Natureza) at Observanatura and Observaria, as well as taking part as a judge in nature photography competitions. He travels periodically to natural regions and historical places, which has allowed him to consolidate his photographic archive with images from other parts of the world.

‍Joao works in an associate capacity with Sibel & Gary on Design for Nature, EarthWild Publishing & Ilustranatur collaborative projects.