naturally helping charities and organisations deliver their income solutions.

Sibel Lami & Gary Roberts, the directors of earthwild partnership, have more than three decades fundraising management planning and income generation experience. In particular, Gary has delivered £9.5 Million through design of business income, budget, financial and fundraising management plans, membership recruitment, supporter / regular-giver development, donor engagement, exploring new business and partnership opportunities and securing up to seven-figure gifts. Gary has worked with a diversity of third sector organisations from Butterfly Conservation to the Woodland Trust. During 2020 Sibel was lead consultant for Petit Miracle Interiors — an environmental, upcycling social enterprise and charity which provides opportunities for long-term unemployed and entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds — delivering circa £144,000 (to date) through implementation of a grant programme.

Evolve works extensively with all organisations across the third sector from health, social and education through to international development, animal welfare and environment. If your organisation wants to grow its income streams our consultants can advise, guide and deliver.

Evolve helps organisations realise their income growth ambitions. We support your organisation and its people — management team, staff, the board and volunteers — regardless of size or where you are in your fundraising journey. Our consultants work closely with you to evolve, design and implement strategy that delivers income to support your vision, core operations, programmes and campaigns.

Evolve Fundraising provides comprehensive, holistic services to deliver your income solutions. Our consultancy fees are tailored specifically to suit each client's requirements, project duration and complexity.

Evolve has extensive experience across these fundraising channels:

capital appeals

  • Capital appeals can be rewarding, for your organisation, if researched, designed and managed effectively.
  • To deliver a successful capital appeal from initial planning, launch, development and management through to financial completion – may require an organisational commitment of 2 to 3 years.
  • Capital appeals require significant investment throughout an organisation.
  • However, Evolve Fundraising believes benefits outweigh any risks if effectively planned and managed.
  • Successful capital appeals can provide the foundation for the future implementation of dedicated donor development programmes.

donor development

  • Charities of any size should seriously consider the benefits of a donor programme and the effectiveness of enjoying excellent relationships – even organisations with small portfolios of active donors.
  • Evolve can assist, support and help your organisation develop a strategy to plan for, research, build and grow supporters, regular-givers and donors. This could include legacy development and marketing campaigns.

grants development

  • Evolve has the experience to design, build and implement a strategy that will grow your organisation’s grant development programme.
  • Our consultants can research and source the right, appropriate grant-funders including charitable trusts and foundations to approach.
  • Evolve will develop a pipeline of suitable funders and help you engage and build relationships with them.
  • Our consultants write stimulating, interesting and inspiring proposals, bids and funding applications that will help your organisation deliver its income requirements.

corporate development

  • Evolve Fundraising has the experience to work with your organisation to launch, build and successfully grow a programme of corporate development.
  • This includes plans and opportunities to engage, build sustainable relationships with and secure a portfolio of corporate members / supporters, partnership and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Our consultants are able to support charities and organisations design, develop, implement strategy to grow their corporate development programmes, undertake research and corporate fundraising audit.

business income development

  • Our consultants have the experience to support the implementation of commercial business development opportunities. This could include supporting your organisation and team to engage and build relationships with clients, writing bids and tenders.

fundraising audits, feasibility studies & evaluation

  • Evolve Fundraising is able to work with your organisation to undertake a comprehensive fundraising audit and review to identify the best options and actions required.
  • Audit and review will help your organisation develop a holistic, practical overview of its funding requirements, to build on its strengths and opportunities, and to mitigate fundraising risks. This will provide the foundation on which to plan for the potential that you want to achieve.
  • Evolve can help your organisation and team evaluate the success of its funding programmes and write evaluation reports for your funders.

interim fundraising management services

  • Evolve Fundraising provides interim fundraising through our sister consultancy – earthwild Management – with our consultants able to embed within your organisation and teams.

fundraising governance

  • Governance support for Trustee Boards.