sustainability / CSR

earthwild partnership’s consultancy that delivers CSR, environment and sustainability services to its clients – particularly within the corporate sector. And, from September 2021 this will include green supply chain management and procurement operations.
earthwild partnership’s Co-Executive Directors, especially Sibel Lami, can work with your company to implement your corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability and carbon-mitigation strategy. Further, Sibel can work with you to develop your green supply chains and where there’s the need provide interim supply chain management services.

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), environmental and charitable actions have long played a significant part of Gary Roberts’ 35-year career journey. They continue to do so, through earthwild Partnership’s philosophy, vision and consultancy – earthwild Sustainability / CSR. Gary’s experience with ‘CSR’ began, in a very practical way, at Castle Cement through the restoration of a working chalk quarry to a nature reserve – College Lake Wildlife Centre. For 11-years as Managing Director of environmental communications consultancy Archmain Ltd, Gary designed, developed and implemented the company’s CSR, conservation and charity plans. Development of the CSR strategy and environmental policy plans for a financial services business led to an award from the chamber of commerce.

earthwild partnership CSR, Environmental & Sustainability strategy:

Planet Earth. Amazing, beautiful and rich in a vibrant diversity of wildlife. A planet that deserves a more sustainable, caring relationship from us – people, companies, industry, organisations and governments – working in balance with nature. A relationship that safeguards and sustainably manages Earth’s Natural Resources. Nature gifts us significant economic, environmental, social and health benefits to our quality of life; as well as wealth. That’s why earthwild partnership believes we should all invest in our natural world, biodiversity and environment. Conserving for today to pass on to future generations to enjoy.  Our strategy is currently in development. It will detail earthwild’s commitment to ensuring we operate as a carbon neutral company and the environmental projects we support to offset our carbon and environmental impacts. However, Sibel & Gary expect it to be available by end - April 2021.